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Mr. Richard Look, President of AVIA has extensive experience in airline marketing and business administration, both on a North American and International level.

His experience of more than thirty-six (36) years has allowed him to cover several aspects of the airline industry in a regulated as well as in a deregulated environment, both in Canada and abroad..

He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Bordeaux (France), a Bachelor of Commerce and a D.S.A. from the University of Montreal (H.E.C.). He has attended the Royal Aeronautical Society Courses in Oxford, England and several management and business courses at McGill University, Montreal. He is a member of a management corporation (Corporation des Administrateurs agrees du Quebec) and serves as an advisor to several companies.

Prior to launching AVIA, Mr. Look has worked for eighteen (18) years with Quebecair where he was a Vice-President (3 years) in charge of Market Development, Tariffs, Regulatory and Industry Affairs. During his years with the company, he served as a director and a board member of two subsidiaries (Propair and Quebec Aviation) and was the company's representative to the industry organisations (I.A.T.A., I.A.C.A, A.T.A.C., A.Q.T.A.) and regulatory bodies in Canada and abroad.

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